Jeffrey Castillo is an Artist, Director, Storyteller and Alchemist. He has a unique ability to merge different art-forms  and digital mediums to tell a story. His work ranges from Commercial & Fashion Photography, Docuseries and Short Film.

He is currently working on Leaders Create Leaders Season 4 (August 2018), Leaders Create Leaders Documentary (2019) , The Duck Plant (2019), Guru Catz Cartoon Series (2020). To support the films, please scroll below.

As an Alchemist he is working extensively with Natural Healers from around the globe to find natural cures for certain diseases affecting his local community of South Texas.


Coming January 2020: Jedi Apprentice Program

Designed for Photographers & Film Makers who are ready to share stories with the world, work with high level brands, and create meaningful content with top social media influencers.

The Duck Plant

Recently I’ve traveled across South and Central America in search of the “Duck Plant”

The Duck Plant is known to have magical healing properties and is natures own form of Chemotherapy. It was originally discovered by Dr. Sebi in the North East Region of Honduras.

In this new upcoming film I go on a quest to find this beautiful and bizarre orchid and do some self experimentation on myself.

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Heal your own body with the Alkaline Lifestyle. My Step by step guide to transition into an Alkaline State.

Conscious Creators

Leaders Create Leaders is a Video Series on Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Idealists, and the stories of how they hustled their way to the top. These Conscious Creators embody the “woke,” mindset and are using their platforms to awaken humanity to living a fulfilling life of purpose. Each episode is an inside look at their journey, covering failures, triumphs and the lessons they learned along the way. The show is hosted by Gerard Adams “The Millennial Mentor” and is meant to educate, entertain and inspire a new generation of LEADERS. Season 4 will be premiering August 9th, 2018. Stay tuned, spread the word and make sure to subscribe!

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Behind The Scenes

Im excited to start sharing more of the behind the scenes work we do with Leaders Create Leaders. Also, I will be answering your video/photography/tech/social media questions. Please Comment below the video with any questions that I can answer on the next episode.



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